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replica hermes oran sandals Ex councillor in transgender toilet row resigns from Labour Party as Cambridge gears up for by electionAnn Sinnott has resigned from Labour, saying she feels “betrayed” by her former partyFormer councillor Ann Sinnott has now left the Labour PartyMs Sinnott resigned in protest at the city council’s rules for transgender people’s access to public toilets and changing facilities, which allow transgender women to access women’s facilities.She stressed she was “not anti trans”, but said the council was in breach of the Equalities Act 2010.She said allowing self identifying trans women to use women’s facilities where “biological women” would Hermes Replica Bags “expect privacy and dignity” could expose them to potential risk.Now Ms Sinnott has resigned from the Labour Party altogether, saying the decision to allow transgender women to be included in all women shortlists (AWSs) undermines work to tackle inequality in politics.In her resignation letter to the party, Ms Sinnott said: “As a woman, feminist and local resident I felt betrayed by the Labour run Cambridge City Council in which I served as an elected member for more than four hermes birkin bag replica cheap years and was re elected, just a few short weeks ago, perfect hermes replica with a thumping majority. But I also feel betrayed by Hermes Handbags Replica the Labour Party.”A vacancy has opened on Cambridge City CouncilMs Sinnott said a big factor had been the party’s best hermes replica handbags decision to allow trans women to be included on all women shortlists of candidates. In May Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) passed a statement on all women shortlists, women’s officers and minimum quotas for women.But Labour says the statement “clarifies Labour’s existing policy replica hermes oran sandals.

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