China has threatened retaliation

The Aussie dollar huddled at 71.06 US cents on Monday, after losing 1.3 per cent on Friday as the US dollar surged in the wake of upbeat US jobs data.The retreat snapped support in the 71.40 71.50 zone and took it to ground last trod in early 2016.”The Aussie continues to break lower, the next major downside target being the $0.7000 area,” wrote analysts at Westpac in a note.”The Aussie slide left it quite oversold when judged by our short term fair value estimate, which remains near $0.7500. (but) still, risks probably remain to the downside.”US President Donald Trump warned on Friday he was ready to slap tariffs on virtually all Chinese imports into the United States, threatening duties on another $US267 billion of goods on top of $US200 billion in imports primed for levies in coming days.The moves would escalate Trump trade war with Beijing over his demands for major changes in economic, trade and technology policy. China has threatened retaliation, including action against US companies there.China is Australia largest export market and the world biggest buyer of commodities, two reasons investors use the Aussie as a liquid proxy for China plays.The US dollar also got a big boost from a strong jobs report which showed the fastest wage growth since 2009 and led markets to price in quicker rate hikes from the Federal Reserve.With the Reserve Bank of Australia signalling it is on hold for the foreseeable future, yields on US two year debt rose to be 69 basis points over Australian paper..

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