The party encouraged last week’s protests

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Canada Goose online Kalbitz said canada goose outlet in vancouver the party hopes to become the strongest force there after state elections next year.Saxony where Chemnitz is located has an entrenched neo Nazi scene and seen strong support for AfD.The party encouraged last week’s protests, which drew thousands following the Aug. 26 slaying of 35 year old carpenter Daniel Hillig in Chemnitz. Some of the demonstrations erupted into violence between far right marchers and counter protesters.A 22 year old Iraqi citizen and a 23 year old Syrian citizen were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter in Hillig’s death, police said.Speaking publicly for the first time since her husband’s death, Hillig’s widow canada goose kensington parka uk told Germany’s daily Bild canada goose outlet in toronto newspaper that “Daniel would have never wanted” the protests triggered by his killing.”Daniel was neither left nor right,” the widow, identified by Bild only as Bianca T., told the newspaper.Expressing shock at how far right groups exploited her family’s loss with protest rallies and a “mourning march” over the weekend, she said: “I looked at the events on Saturday night this was not about Daniel at all.””All we want to do right now is mourn him in peace,” canada goose outlet online reviews she said.Government officials urged Germans who are upset over the killing to distance themselves from the neo Nazis who performed the stiff armed “Hitler salute,” chanted “Foreigners out” and harassed journalists covering the demonstrations.”If one doesn’t think this way, it would be good to canada goose outlet draw a clear line and distance oneself from those who are doing canada goose uk that,” said Steffen Seibert, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman.In an organized response to the far right marches, tens of thousands of people gathered Monday in Chemnitz for a free, canada goose outlet in usa open air concert by some of Germany’s best known bands.The show was part of efforts to encourage young Germans to stand up against far right extremism Canada Goose online.

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