In response, he insisted that he did not harass anyone and that

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cheap nike shoes Under pressure Alex Salmond has quit the SNP (Image: Internet unknown)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeFrom Hollywood to Holyrood, 2017 was the year powerful and predatory men in the workplace were being found out, as a chorus of MeToo voices called time on sexism and the silencing of women.Just cheap jordans china over a week ago, we learned that Alex Salmond has been at the centre of a Scottish Government investigation for months, after complaints were received that he sexually assaulted two women during his time as First Minister.In response, he insisted that he did not harass anyone and that he is not guilty of criminality. The women at the centre of these complaints also have the right to have cheap jordans pay with paypal their allegations taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.However, the way he has set about responding to the allegations has been anything but fair to the women involved.The spectacle of our former first minister using his “celebrity” to crowdfund the cost of his legal battle against the Scottish Government he once led is a cheap and nasty stunt, regardless of whether he did Cheap Air Jordan what he’s accused of.Anyone who knows anything about campaigning to end violence against women and girls will know Scotland is home to some of the most cheap retros respected women’s organisations and feminist trailblazers in the world.Alex Salmond slammed after thanking donors even though some of them attack where to buy real jordans for cheap his alleged victimsTheir work to create an improved culture of confidence around reporting sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape has been built up over decades and is still in progress.Nicola Sturgeon has earned a reputation for being a First Minister who takes gender equality seriously and supports women and girls. She couldn’t be clearer that those where can i buy real jordans online for cheap raising complaints need a safe space in which to do so.Every person who has donated to the Salmond crowdfunder has put that at risk.Drowning out the MeToo movement and undermining investigations is an awful look for Scotland, sending a damaging message to women who might have experienced unacceptable behaviour that they shouldn’t, or needn’t, bother coming forward with complaints about powerful men.It’s exactly the kind of backlash against women we’ve come to good cheap jordans expect from Donald Trump.On the day the Salmond allegations surfaced, I had spent the afternoon visiting a rape crisis service where women and girls are waiting up to six months to access trauma support.What does it say about us that we cheap jordans for sale online free shipping live in a society not only where sexual violence is still so prevalent but that it’s also the case that women and girls who have been raped and sexually assaulted have to wait months and months just to access vital counselling?Last year, in a one off interview in the Sunday Mail, I revealed in public for the first time that I had been sexually assaulted.Alex Salmond’s crowdfunding campaign closed after raising more than I hadn’t bargained for the large number of women who have since contacted me to share their own MeToo stories or express the sincere solidarity that can only come from shared experiences.Women supporting other women has helped survivors cope with the triggers of recent events cheap nike shoes.

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