For an easy side trip from Montreux, hop on the Chocolate Train

Elegant French style villas with pastel colours, frilly balconies and mansard roofs grace the lakeshore and instill an air of gentility. On my last visit, I sailed past the dreamy terraced banks of Lavaux vineyards and on toward Montreux a relaxed resort famous for its jazz festival each July.Though not heavy on sights, Montreux offers sublime views of misty Lake Geneva and the cut glass peaks in the distance.For an easy side trip from Montreux, hop on the Chocolate Train. It stops at a chocolate factory and at the foot of Gruyeres, the ultra touristy town that justifiably famous for its cheese which you can see being made in a cheese production house.The French speaking Swiss countryside to the north is worth exploring, especially if you driving.

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